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Rallies have different views but same goal of being heard

On Monday the sidewalk in front of the Routt County Courthouse hosted two rallies inspired by Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s visit to Steamboat Springs to meet with county commissioners. Steamboat resident Anne Barounos, shown above, was part of a group hoping to send a message to Boebert about the issues that were important to them by waving signs. Down the street another group gathered to show their support for Boebert. (Photo by John F. Russell)

GOP Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s visit to the Routt County Courthouse in Steamboat Springs on Monday attracted people on both sides of the aisle. And while the groups had different political views, their goals were the same: to have their voices heard.

On Monday, as Boebert met with Routt County commissioners inside the courthouse, the two groups lined the sidewalks in front of the downtown courthouse waving signs and flags.

One group was there to show support for the Republican member of Congress who they voted for; the other was hoping to let their representative know where they stood on the issues like climate change, infrastructure, child care, housing, transportation and a transition away from an extraction industry

“We are not out here to change minds or to confront people and cause a stir,” said Pete Wood, chair of the Routt County Republicans. “We’re here to express our free speech and support our congresswoman because she’s doing a great job for Routt County and for all of the 3rd Congressional District and for the state of Colorado. We want her to continue doing that, and we want to keep encouraging her and to let her know that there are people in Routt County and Steamboat Springs who stand up for what she is fighting for.”

Larry Jordan waves a flag along Lincoln Avenue on Monday afternoon during a rally to show support for Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, who came to Steamboat Springs to discuss issues with Routt County commissioners. (Photo by John F. Russell)

One of those people, Larry Jordan, was waving a flag in support of firefighters.

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“I support everything she stands for, and I like the stance she takes and the position she takes. She is very supportive to the ranchers out here,” Jordan said. “We need somebody like Lauren. She is a good, strong voice, and she is fighting for what America truly believes in and how America truly was built.”

Just down the street a group of local Democrats had gathered to rally around issues they support.

“The intent of our rally was to just give everyone a chance to show Congresswoman Boebert which issues are important to us,” said Catherine Carson, chair of the Routt County Democrats. “Like climate action, and we hope she votes ‘yes’ on the infrastructure bill.”

But while both groups may have voted differently in the last election, they wanted to make sure Monday’s rallies were respectful and nonconfrontational.

“It’s exciting she’s here, but it’s hard when there’s no public comment, because people want to share what their concerns are,” Carson said.

When the rally was organized, the local Democrats gave instructions that any homemade signs had to be positive and constructive.

On the other side, Wood told his group not to engage people who held different opinions on the issues and to celebrate America.

Both groups were respectful, but there is a good chance Boebert never saw either rally when entering the building. She entered and exited the building through a back door in the Courthouse Annex.

“I think it’s fantastic that she is talking to our three county commissioners, who are obviously Democrats, and they have a different point of view, so that’s what we need to really embrace and support is a competition of ideas,” Wood said. “We are proud of her, and we want to support her. I think it’s great that she is out here doing that and making her voice heard. We need people to lead us.”

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