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Raising election money

$31,500 fuels support for transportation tax

Avi Salzman

— The one candidate who refused to accept or spend money on his campaign in 1999 lost his race by a margin of almost 2-to-1.

At the same time, the Downtown Development Authority, with a campaign fund more than $10,000 strong, fell hard at the polls that year losing almost 3-to-1.

Money certainly matters, but money alone will obviously not sway the electors.

This year, one candidate Omar Campbell has decided not to accept money but is spending his own money on advertisements and supporting the campaigns of people he believes will help uphold his platform. Others have begun picking up spending, buying print advertisements, yard signs and radio spots to try to reach voters with less than 10 days left before the election. Spending has stayed at similar levels to the 1999 election, with a few candidates on course to receive about $3,000 or $4,000 apiece. Kathy Connell, for one, took out a $2,200 loan to push her pot to more than $3,000 as of the Oct. 16 filing date.

There are no limits to how much people can give to candidates or ballot issues in municipal elections, said City Clerk Julie Jordan-Struble.

Issue contributions have also been at or above numbers from previous years. This year, the 3-2-1 Alliance has outspent the DDA proponents from 1999 by 3-to-1 in an effort to stabilize airline service to the valley and help pay the city’s costs for its bus system.

The group has already taken in $31,500, much of it from the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association and the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp., each of which pitched in with $10,000 donations.

The group has spent $27,000 to pay for the services of Denver-based Intermountain Corporate Affairs, where former City Council President Mary Brown works.

Some council candidates who initially struggled to get themselves to ask for donations are generally pleased with the community’s show of financial support and overall interest in the election.

“People’s generosity has been overwhelming,” said at-large candidate Kathi Meyer. “But I don’t think it’s just generosity. It’s indicative of the interest local citizens have in their election.”

Following the money trail is extremely important in state and national elections to note who might be influencing candidates, said Colorado Mountain College Sociology Professor Diane Mitsch Bush. Campaign funding is also significant on the larger political scale because the advertisements the money buys can be particularly influential. In local elections, however, the importance of ads is somewhat diminished, she said.

Though a pretty picture and a sound-bite-filled advertisement might be a good way to get one’s name out to the voting public, voters are usually more susceptible to issue-based arguments in local elections, Mitsch Bush noted.

That’s because the electorate is usually better informed about local issues and knows the reputation and stances of the candidates, she said.

Door-to-door campaigning is also an effective tool in local elections because of the size of the voting public and the nature of the community, Mitsch Bush said. It’s also free.

“At the local level, you kind of know what the issues are,” Mitsch Bush said. “It’s a little easier for the voters to get information.”

Campaign funding
The following are contributions made to political campaigns in the Nov. 6 election according to the most recent campaign finance report filings.

City Council
District 1
Omar Campbell: Omar Campbell, $276.
Total: $276
Nancy Kramer: Tom Hopp, $100; Judy Wiesner, $120; John Kerst, $50; Nancy Kramer, $250; Steamboat Resorts, $250; John Waldman, $250; Kim Mitchell, $50; Deb Proper, $50; Bob Weiss, $50; Bill Stuart, $50; Paula Cooper-Black, $100; Native Excavating, $150.
Total: $1,205.50

District 2
Ken Brenner: Omar Campbell, $100; Ben Beall, $100; Shirley Brenner, $100; Richard Filer, $100.
Total: $400.
Paul “Loui” Antonucci: Ronald Roundtree, $200; Paula Cooper-Black, $100; Canyon Canoeing Adventures, $100; Susan Raub, $50; William Petersen, $20; James Simon, $100; Margaret Novak, $50; Great Knight Productions Inc., $250; Ward Van Scoyk, $100; Chandler Church, $50; Snow Country Construction, $200.
Total: $1,220

District 3
Kathy Connell: Kathy Connell, $2,200; R. Coleman, $100; M. Laisle, $20; N. Wilson, $20; J. Larson, $100; R. Ashton, $50; T. Sharp, $175; S. Dawes, $100; Shively Construction, $50; C. Porter, $100; W. Stuart, $50; Colorado Group Realty, $100; Steamboat Resorts, $250; Native Excavating, $150; Vantage Capital Corp., $100.
Total: $3,660
Darcy Trask: Darcy Trask, $1,069.24; Jolene Owens, $75; Omar Campbell, $200; D. Schaffrick, $75; Clive Thompson, $50; John Whittum, $50; David Gerhart, $25; Lynetta Davidson, $50.
Total: $1,685.01

Kathi Meyer: Winchester Dermody, $100; John Kerst, $100; Kathi Meyer, $100; Julie Green, $250; Barbara Siek, $30; Bud Romberg, $20; Warren Gilbertson, $100; Mountain Eyeworks, $50; Robert Fraser, $500; William Moser Jr., $100; Gail Heins, $25; Manufacturing Housing Association, $100; Gary Arentz, $50; Cook Chevrolet-Olds, $50; Twin Landfill Corp., $25; Wells Contracting Services Inc., $50; David, Lathrop, Donald, $25; Lawrence Glueck, $25; Tony Connell, $50; Eric Smith Assoc., $100; Vantage Capital Corp., $100; Edith Fogliano, $150; Philip Durian, $25; Steamboat Resorts, $100; Mountain Architecture Design Group, $100; Eliza Yeager, $25; Thomas Sharp, $175; Mark McElhinney, $50; Ward Van Scoyk, $100; Sherman Poppen, $150; Kimberly Mitchell, $25; Gary DeKoter, $100; Judy Jones, $50; Donald Little, $50; Stephen Kelton, $100; Paula Cooper Black, $100.
Total: $3,300
Steve Ivancie: William Martin, $100; Carolyn Coons, $50; Gerald Ivancie, $200; Matt Jacquart, $50; Jake Henry, $100; Kami Brockway, $20; John Whittum, $50; Karen Van Patten, $100; David Brockway, $100; Omar Campbell, $100.
Total: $870

Referendum 1A and Referendum 2B
(Child-care taxes)
Campaign 4 Kids: Sharon Kelley, $15; Brad Piske, $10; Fund-raising jar at WestFest, $220; Fund-raising jar at circus, $39.86; cash unknown, $10; Ross Fralick, $50; Lou Dolman, $25; Scott Havener, $100; Jeane Whiddon, $50; Robert White, $500; Nancy Stahoviak, $100; Dora Kelley, 35; Kathleen Stiles, $50; Linda Adams, $50; Colorado Childcare Coalition, $500; Kevin Haynes, $20; Steven Jones, $50; Darcy Trask, $30; Colorado Association for the Education of Young Children, $500; Northwest Colorado Association for the Education of Young Children, $200; Medora Fralick, $25.
Total: $1,882

Referendum 2A (Transportation Tax)
3-2-1 Alliance: Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp., $10,000; Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association, $10,000; Ski Town Grocery, $1,000; Steamboat Springs Restaurant Association, $5,000; First National Bank, $250; Alpine Bank, $250; Alpine Taxi and Limo, $5,000.
Total: $31,500

Referendum 3A
(Cost-of Living raise
for teachers)
More for Less Retain for Success: Cyndy Simms, $100; Donna Kerr, $20; Jason Throne, $100; Daniel Atkins, $25; James Morgan, $25; Mark Hoovler, $25; Terry Weston, $75; Timothy Jenkins, $40; Mary Stockdale, $28; Terry Koch, $100; Nicholas Schoewe, $100; John Weber, $100; Greg Stettman, $100; Strawberry Park Parent Teacher Information Committee, $2,200; Richard Restall, $100.
Total: $3,138

Note: Campaign reports are due again Nov. 2 and final campaign reports are due Dec. 6.

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