Read for Your Health: Graphic memoir mixes emotions about aging parents |

Read for Your Health: Graphic memoir mixes emotions about aging parents

“Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?”

by Roz Chast

Who doesn't love New Yorker cartoons?  And who doesn't have poignant mixed memories of aging parents?  Roz Chast has combined both in a "graphic memoir" of her Brooklyn-bound parents, Elizabeth and George.  The text is a combination comic book/handwritten diary.  One minute, we laugh out loud as we read about the familiar, absurd moments that comprise the lives and relationships of three family members.  They include: An adult daughter who can never please her mother; quiet, gentlemanly father who reverts to his days as a romance language professor; and a consummate "Jewish Mother" who makes a conflict out of every exchange among them.  The next minute, we feel a stab of shared pain as we view Chast's narrative or the tragicomic portraits of this trio's universally human world crumbling around the edges.

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