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Question of the Week

Rachel Mick

TEEN STYLE, Freshman,

Steamboat Springs High School

Do you agree with the Hayden Board of Education’s decision to require random drug testing for students who leave campus for lunch?

n Taylor Leary, senior

Steamboat Springs High School

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No. That’s not at all necessary, and I do not agree. If there is a problem, take action to prove it. Do not revoke off-campus privileges.

n AJ Carmack, freshman

Steamboat Springs High School

I agree because that means there’s less drugs everywhere and if they are doing drugs they shouldn’t be allowed to leave to be able to do more drugs, and they should be in trouble if they do drugs.

n Carley Nelson, freshman

Steamboat Springs High School

Yes, because it will prevent accidents and will keep other people safe.

n Charlie Pappas, junior

Steamboat Springs High School

If drugs are a problem in their school and it’s in the best interest of the school, then yes, I agree.

n Emily Roberts, junior

Steamboat Springs High School

No, because it’s not right because if they drank a few weeks before, it would still show up on the test and people don’t do random drug testing on adults, so why not have the faculty subject to random drug testing, too.