Precautions advised during tick season |

Precautions advised during tick season

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — Northwest Colorado Health advises precautions against ticks and tick-borne diseases during spring and summer months. Ticks are commonly found in wooded or brushy areas with tall grass. They also may inhabit rustic mountain cabins where chipmunks and other rodents have been.

Recommendations to prevent tick bites include:

  • Wear permethrin treated clothing (never apply permethrin to skin).
  • Use repellants labeled for ticks. Keep in mind repellants have varying degrees of effectiveness.
  • Wear light-colored, long-sleeved shirts and long pants.
  • Avoid walking through high grass and bushy areas as well as sitting on logs or against trees. Use a blanket or tarp when resting or picnicking on the ground.
  • Do thorough tick checks on yourself, your children and your pets.

Ticks should be removed from skin as soon as possible. If you remove a tick from a person or a pet, wash your hands immediately. If you become ill after a tick bite or exposure to ticks, seek prompt medical attention.

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