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Powder welcomes powder snow in Steamboat Springs

Paul Jackson, 5, from Houston, Texas, visits with Powder and Duncan Draper at the Steamboat Ski Area.

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — Steamboat Springs was wishing for powder, and it got it with a Saint Bernard that is now 115 pounds.

The dog is named Powder, and she is Steamboat's ambassador for all the visitors that are here for the holidays and the ski season, as well as those who live here year-round.

"She's still a big puppy," said Duncan Draper, who is a ski patrol supervisor and Powder's owner. "She wants to run up and give everyone a big slobber."

In March, Powder was just 25 pounds.

Shee is not a rescue dog.

Draper uses her to get the attention of people for 90 seconds and teach them about ski safety.

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Mainly, the things he tries to teach with Powder is to look uphill before you go downhill, stop in good places and to avoid objects and other skiers below.

Draper and Powder are trying to make sure visitors in Steamboat have a good experience by following that basic safety advice.

"If they don't understand it and don't have a good experience, they're not coming back," Draper said.

On Christmas Day, Powder and Draper plan to be visiting with skiers at the top of the gondola.

"We are working, and we will be here," Draper said. "We will be at the top of the gondola, so come see us."

Powder is almost a year old, and her bed is made out of old ski patrol cross badges.

"She likes it," Draper said. "She knows it's her own bed."

Powder visited the ski school last week and got a lot of attention.

"I like Powder," said Mimi Goldberg, who was visiting Steamboat from Florida. "It's a good name."

This is Draper’s fourth Saint Bernard.

Bear passed away in July at the age of 9. When Bear was a skier safety dog, he could regularly be seen at the ski area and The Steamboat Grand hotel.

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