Phyllis Coletta: Will we join the students in Parkland? |

Phyllis Coletta: Will we join the students in Parkland?

The high school kids who survived the Parkland shootings are organizing a national March for Our Lives on March 24, and they hope kids in every city will stand in support of gun control. They said, “This is about us creating a badge of shame for any politician accepting money for the NRA and using us as collateral." I hope our high school kids in Steamboat will join this national protest.

As for the rest of us, adults busy with powder days and the complacency of living a good life, if we don't act, the blood of these kids is on our hands.  Here are the names and phone numbers of our federal representatives.

• Corey Gardner: 202-224-5941

• Michael Bennett: 202-224-5852

• Scott Tipton: 202-225-4761

You can also email your representatives, simply by Googling their names. It might take 10 minutes to make three phone calls.

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Why should kids have to undergo active shooter training? Should they fear for their lives while going to math class?

Parkland never dreamed something so violent could happen in their community, and it seems we also — living here in paradise — can delude ourselves into thinking our kids are safe. But they are all our kids, and the students of Parkland have vowed that they will be the last victims of mass school shootings. Are we with them or against them?

I'd be happy to help any students or teachers who want to rally March 24 and can be contacted at  I grew up in a time when people did fight for their lives, marched in the streets and raised their voices in protest. We should be doing the same so that our children and grandchildren never have to endure the horror of mass murder in a school.

Phyllis Coletta

Steamboat Springs


Phyllis Coletta, JD