Phyllis Coletta: Traffic a problem |

Phyllis Coletta: Traffic a problem

— I recently moved to Steamboat and I love it, but I’m confused. I can’t seem to make a left-hand turn on Lincoln Avenue – ever. Now, I came from New Jersey, the most densely populated state in the nation, and we didn’t have a lot of $30 million libraries or $34 million rec centers, but we could make left-hand turns on busy streets because of these little green left-turn arrows that probably cost about $1.50.

Given the brainpower here, I’m sure somebody has already thought of this, but I shouldn’t have to go to Oak Street to get to a light so I can cross Lincoln to Yampa. I read today that folks have been thinking about this traffic thing for four decades. Just some green arrows to start. As we say in Jersey, “I’m just sayin’.” Thanks.

Phyllis Coletta

Steamboat Springs