Peter Van De Carr: Yampa River Management Plan has been nullified |

Peter Van De Carr: Yampa River Management Plan has been nullified

Dear Steamboat Springs City Council,

I’m writing you regarding your upcoming approval of the second reading of the city’s municipal code regarding river operations.

Earlier this month, City Council approved the hotel approval on Pine Grove Road. I was impressed when councilwoman Kathi Meyer stated that when we make a set of rules, we must abide by them. Sound logic indeed.

I then realized that the Yampa River Management Plan, assembled by citizens and government agencies including environmentalists, government agencies, recreationalists, outfitters and the city of Steamboat Springs Parks and Recreation Department in 2004, has been, in effect, nullified.

This was done under the recommendation of the Parks and Recreation Department and endorsed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

We have a document that was put together by a diverse group of government and private citizens that is rendered ineffective because two government agencies do not agree with it … and City Council — more government — agrees, doing this in spite of no scientific evidence that the current Yampa River Management Plan is ineffective.

My business, Backdoor Sports Ltd., has survived for 33 years through drought, economic recession and construction blockages but will likely not survive due to our Parks and Recreation Department’s inability to effectively manage the river.

Please remember this when Yampa Street has only franchised restaurants lining it. I’ve always dreamed of my teenage boys assuming the helm at Backdoor Sports. That dream will be a town full of Marriott hotels unless we commit to inspiring and preserving small business in Steamboat Springs.


Peter Van De Carr

Steamboat Springs

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