Peter Arnold: Live life fully |

Peter Arnold: Live life fully

Wednesday night I found myself unable to sleep with thoughts swimming through my head and deep sorrow in my heart for the passing of someone taken so suddenly and unfairly from all of us who knew her.

I was reminded of a friend and the only time I have been a pall bearer. Seventeen years ago this June, almost half of my time on this earth, I had to witness the passing of someone very close. His name was Spiro Sellas or “Spee” as all of his close friends knew him.

He was an All-American swimmer, the lead in West Side Story for the school musical, and an altar boy in his church. He always had something positive to say, a smile on his face, a clever message written in your yearbook, or was leading the way on an adventure that only teenagers could appreciate.

He was someone like Poogie Dawes who, for all of us who had a chance to know her, no matter how briefly, showed us how to live life fully.

This small town I find myself so lucky to live in is enduring yet another lesson in how precious life is. We were blessed by the example these people gave us in how we should live our lives. Spee’s mother used to tell us he was here to show us something, to give us a lesson, and God has other plans for him now.

To the young people reading this who knew Adele or Ashley, their memories will always guide you as my friend did for me. My memories of Poogie and the life and energy she brought into the ice rink where I first met her will do the same.

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I am thankful to have known such a wonderful and giving person.

Peter Arnold

Steamboat Springs