Penny Fletcher: On their way |

Penny Fletcher: On their way

Penny Fletcher

Penny Fletcher

The Fletcher brothers are off to Sochi tomorrow to start their journey. What an overwhelming feeling it is to have this happening to my family.

It seems like just yesterday that I was getting them dressed and off to Howelsen Hill for Wednesday Night Jumping. Those special nights consisted of cold feet, wet jumpsuits, tears, laughter and prizes of pizza and hot chocolate. They watched Todd Lodwick, Johnny Spillane, Clint Jones, Adam Schwall, Tommy Schwall, Dave Jarret, Ryan Heckman and Tim Tetrault set the stage for years to come.

The years have been filled with drawings of ski jumpers, stories written by them about going to the Olympics as small boys, and years following a dream that most of us will never know what that journey is like.

I understand that dream because I have shared that dream with them over the years. Mine wasn't to be flying off that damn hill, but that one day I will also see them compete together in the worlds' arena called the Olympics. I soon will be able to realize that dream together with many other parents and athletes in Sochi.

I was just satisfied that they have had such great experiences together and have grown up to be great role models and incredible sons. Raising these boys was always filled with adventure, excitement and a family commitment to keep believing. None of these dreams would have happened without the support of our great community, coaches, friends and family. I can hear my mother shouting out loud in Heaven telling the boys, "I know you can do it … atta boy."

When they were younger and we were living on Valverdant, the neighbors would call me to warn me that my boys Taylor, 4, and Bryan, 8, were jumping off the roof with their skis. I would walk out there and tell them that they needed to get off the roof because the neighbors were calling. They would always reply, “But mom we are just starting to get air."

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So, I guess things will never change because once you get that feeling of flying, it is hard to keep your feet on the ground. I know that as they start this journey to Sochi, they are soaring high in excitement! I am just trying to keep my feet on the ground.

Bryan and Taylor have that intense desire to be standing on the podium, however, they also have a deep respect for each other. Trust me they will have each other's back in competition and in this journey.

Please send lots of positive thoughts to all of our athletes traveling to Russia and beyond, and a boatload of prayers would be greatly appreciated. I promise to share with you our experience on my Facebook page and also through the Steamboat Today Olympics site.

Thanks for believing, and here is to smooth sailing. Go Todd, Billy, Bryan and Taylor! Go Team USA!

Looking forward to Sochi,

Team Fletcher: Bryan, Taylor, Penny and Fred Fuller