Paul Wellman: Work for world peace not eternal war |

Paul Wellman: Work for world peace not eternal war

Just read Paul Krugman’s excellent piece in the May 12 commentary in the Steamboat Pilot & Today. I could not agree more. The poor are being demonized and cuts to social welfare programs are unconscionable.

A recent USA Today Network article reports on how at least 30,000 people are about to be kicked out of nursing homes in Louisiana, having lost Medicaid under a budget recently passed by the Louisiana State House of Representatives due to cuts in the federal budget.

According to the National Priorities Project: In fiscal year 2015, military spending accounted for 54 percent of all federal discretionary spending, a total of $598.5 billion. Changemaker.Media says at least $21 trillion is missing in action at the Department of Defense, the largest theft in world history.

Syria is at least the 14th country in the Islamic world that U.S. forces have invaded or occupied or bombed since 1980. Iran seems headed toward being number 15.

Fake news like the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which pulled the U.S. into the illegal Vietnam war or the weapons of mass destruction deceit leading to the illegal invasion of Iraq, is being used as we speak to demonize Iran.

The only countries backing the U.S. in pulling the plug on the nuclear deal are our criminal, puppet buddies, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Israel is gleefully lobbing missiles into Syria killing Iranians who are there at Syria’s request. We can’t go to war with Iran and come out of it without paying an unimaginable price.

As we become more and more isolated from the rest of the world through sanctions, military actions and ignorance, other nations are being driven together by our reckless actions and forming bonds that step over the U.S.

We must learn to come together with all people and nations or the future looks very grim.

Everyone should call or email your government representatives and tell them they must work for world peace not eternal war.

Paul Wellman


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