Paul Wellman: Run, Joe, run … away |

Paul Wellman: Run, Joe, run … away

I would like to address the commentary in Steamboat Pilot & Today on May 20 by Bret Stephens entitled, “Dear millennials: The feeling is mutual.”

I am 72, so I can’t feel the outrage I would if I was one of his millennials. I can feel outrage at the stupidity of Bret Stephens in his rant about Joe Biden being the best hope for the Democrats in 2020.

Joe Biden is Hillary Clinton with a beard. There could be no worse pick.

Think Trump and his family are crooked? They ain’t got nothin’ on Joe and Hunter.

• Currently, Joe’s son Hunter is invested in China’s mass surveillance program used to monitor Uyghur Muslims. I am sure when they get it perfected, we will be the next in line to use it over here.

• Joe’s a racist — good friends of Strom Thurmond — and much more.

• Along with the Clintons, Joe was behind U.S. mass incarceration debacle. See: C-Span Nov. 18, 1993, on the U.S. Senate Crime Bill.

• Joe protected big banks — see 2005 bankruptcy law.

• He is a crazed war-hawk. Instrumental in helping Bush launch the criminal Iraq war.

• He was also instrumental in helping Obama launch a criminal coup in Ukraine. Again, Hunter was up to his neck investing in the right-wing thugs his dad helped bring to power in Ukraine.

• Joe has a pitiful record on environment.

• He has an abysmal record of running for president.

• Last, but not least, Joe has the Anita Hill embarrassment.

There is much more, if you care, but I am short on words here.

I sincerely believe the millennials are the only hope we have of turning this ship around.

I am really liking what Andrew Yang has to say. If Sen. Bernie Sanders will come down strong on gutting the military and industrial complex-run regime, which has been in place for decades, he will be my candidate.

Paul Wellman


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