Paul Wellman: River Queen needs to be scuttled |

Paul Wellman: River Queen needs to be scuttled

Seems “some members (of the Steamboat Springs City Council) have grown impatient and frustrated with the uncertainty surrounding the future of an iconic riverboat-themed playground….”

A little counsel to the council members throwing tantrums. Patience is a virtue.

Maybe if something had been proposed at the beginning of this, a solution that would have pleased the majority of people rather than starting a public outcry, it might have gone faster.

As is rightly stated in this article the River Queen is iconic. Good definitions of iconic include widely recognized, well-established, classic. Given this fact, care should be taken to not replace the Queen with some slapdash, ho hum, eyesore.

Given the deterioration of and safety issues with the Queen, I think most would agree that (sadly) she should be scuttled. I suggest this happens with pomp and ceremony ASAP.

Hold a design contest that lets local artists imagine a design worthy of replacing the Queen. Take the design that wins and submit for engineering. Put the completed design out for bid.

Steel or FerroCement come to mind as the most economical and easy to form into fanciful shapes. Most ships use one or the other or both of these construction technologies.

If this process took two more years and resulted in another icon, it would be time well spent.

Paul Wellman


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