Paul Wellman: Page column woke me up |

Paul Wellman: Page column woke me up

I would like to address the Nov. 2 Clarence Page commentary, “Obama gives ‘woke’ culture a rest.” The title should be “Clarence Page gives ‘asleep’ culture a boost.”

Reading this column “woke” me up … Page has no “awareness of important facts and issues.” He is however correct that the Democrats are poised to “snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.”

Fact is that Hillary Clinton conspired with the Democratic National Committee to throw Bernie under the bus. She did not “defeat” Bernie. Here is some real impeachable behavior.

Fact is that Sanders’ supporters were appalled by how the DNC and Hillary vandalized the “Feel The Bern” campaign and many went to Trump.

P.S. Bernie would have easily whipped Trump.

There is no one in the progressive wing listening to Obama — I hope.

We need to get ahead of the asleep regular rank and file voters, who might vote for someone like Joe Biden, and get on board the progressive bandwagon or we will see the Democrats suffer under another four years of Trump.

Foaming-at-the-mouth Democrats, who preach about the evil sin of socialism, parroting their Republican clones, are driving a stake in the heart of an emerging “woke” and very essential progressive wave that includes Healthcare For All and a Green New Deal.

P.P.S. If Trump makes it through his first term without being forced by the Democrats and Republicans into another hot war, it will be a miracle. I can’t remember a president that has pulled that off. If he does, maybe he should get that Nobel medal he dreams about. He would certainly deserve it more than Obama did his.

Paul Wellman


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