Paul Wellman: Letter is absolute nonsense |

Paul Wellman: Letter is absolute nonsense

In response to Chuck McConnell, I don’t hate anyone or anything. But I have to call you out on your letter. You should be embarrassed about posting such a piece of absolute nonsense.

The fact that Obama sold out to Big Pharma and the insurance companies and let them write his awful ObamaCare Act is a given. However, by all sane accounts, anything being put out by Trump and Co. will be far worse.

Obviously, you don’t deal with real news sources or you would know this. The reason TrumpCare didn’t pass is that even rational Republicans saw how horrible it was, and it couldn’t be passed. You might have not noticed but Republicans have a super majority. The Democrats don’t hold any sway over legislation unless Republicans vote with them.

TrumpCare is a guaranteed windfall for the wealthy in tax cuts and guaranteed pain and suffering for the common folks. Your talk of single-payer health care as being communist further shows your total delusional state.

Trump has made some mistakes is an amazing understatement. News flash — Hillary Clinton lost because she was actually worse than the horror that is Trump and Co. We are finding out that voting for the supposedly lesser of two evils is actually the worst evil of all.

The trashed hopes of any allies trusting us is 100 percent true. How can you be so blind? Woopie! Trump has successful meetings with the leaders of the all the biggest thug-led nations on earth, including Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, the Philippines and counting. Please point out where enormous positive strides have been for American jobs. Trump believes in making money for him and his thug buddies.

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I will add that Trump and Co. are absolutely criminal in their denial of climate change.

Finally, in my experience, I have never seen a more Islamophobic, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynous, racist, sexist and suffering greatly from anti-intellectualism regime than Trump and Co. It is frightening what is going down in America. I don’t mean this in a hateful way. Just trying to help you out of your deep state of obviously willful ignorance.

Paul Wellman