Paul Wellman: Cartoons enlighten no one |

Paul Wellman: Cartoons enlighten no one

Your recent Russophobia cartoons can serve only to instill hate and fear of Russia in your readers and enlightens no one. The one with Trump, Kim & Putin is especially false and damaging to the understanding of negotiations.

The truth is that everyone that knows anything about the situation that the people of Japan, South Korea, China, Russia and everyone else in the area are pushing the U.S. to pull troops and hardware from the area as a step toward stabilizing the area and ending the Korean War.

Trump has called for this, but his war-mongering puppet masters are sure to balk at any pull back. Why would North Korea disarm if we refuse to close bases and remove missiles from the area?

We will surely be the party that thwarts peace in the area. Not Putin.

Paul Wellman

Steamboat Springs

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