Paul Stettner: Let’s Vote Steamboat objects to agreement, not annexation |

Paul Stettner: Let’s Vote Steamboat objects to agreement, not annexation

Let’s Vote Steamboat agrees that more housing is needed. Recent study shows that half of the people who work here don’t live here.

Do we want to make it possible for people who work here, supporting us, to be able to afford to live here? Yes.

Let’s Vote Steamboat objects to the annexation agreement — not to annexation.

Why object?

During City Council/Brynn Grey negotiations we saw details like:

• Financial timeline showing building and sales and related revenues to the city, coming from water and transportation firming funds and a real estate transfer fee ($2 million). With the city acting as the development’s banker, we feel there is financial risk that should have been studied and explained.

• Schedule for building deed-restricted houses

• Exhibit D listing mix of units, size and target prices

• Secondary water supply main along U.S. Highway 40

• Consideration of the West Steamboat Springs Area Plan’s affordable housing guidelines

These details were not included in the final agreement.

Need for planning:

• Congestion on U.S. 40, traffic through downtown, parking, city bus service

• Transportation: $36 million estimated for highway projects — no commitment from Colorado Department of Transportation to provide grants

• City staff has not committed to adequacy of water supply for secondary units

First — vision: How big, how far and where, do we grow? Is there a limit? These are big questions that should have community input.

Second — plan: Plan for the vision. Update city plans and codes.

Third — grow per plan: Look ahead and plan for what/who is coming and figure out how to best deal with the impacts.

We can, and should, take a bit longer to step back and look at a vision of our community in the future — a vision that identifies and takes into consideration a broad range of factors including;

Water: What ultimate population can our current supply serve? At what population/demand will trigger developing the Elk River water supply?

Transportation: How to mitigate congestion on U.S. 40 and in town, parking, bus service.

Sewage treatment: What is required to maintain Yampa River water quality?

Then persuade City Council to direct the planners to implement the vision. We are a community, all in this together. We want much the same things and have this chance to do our best for our future.

Carpe Diem.

Paul Stettner

Steamboat Springs

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