Paul Bonnifield: Trump’s Israel-Palestian plan is like United States’ Indian policy |

Paul Bonnifield: Trump’s Israel-Palestian plan is like United States’ Indian policy

Dear Editor:

Recently, President Trump showcased his plan to resolve the Israel-Palestinian conflict — “Deal of the Century.” It is surprisingly similar to the Indian policy of the late 19th century.

Both Native Americans and Palestinians were considered second-class citizens with limited legal and political protection. Basic liberties were restricted, and travel closely monitored. Indians received annuities for good behavior. Trump’s plan has “good behavior” restrictions controlled by Israel.

The government promised the Indian schools that taught their culture was inferior. The promised Palestinian schools have the same goal.

They crowded both the Indians and the Palestinians onto unwanted territory. One half of the $50 billion cost of Trump’s plan is compensation to Egypt and Jordan for annexing nonproductive desert regions. It requires Palestinian removal from the West Bank.

Both U.S. and Israeli policies cite the Deity for justification and label displaced people either savages or terrorists. The list of similarities goes on.

A senior Palestinian negotiator, Hanan Ashrawi, states the goal of the Palestinians, “First, lift the siege of Gaza, stop Israeli theft of our land, resources and funds, give us our freedom of movement and control over our borders, airspace, territorial water, etc. Then watch us build a vibrant prosperous economy as a free sovereign people.” Israel does not want the Palestinians free and sovereign. The same thoughts and desires were expressed by Native Americans.

Following the July 2018 passage of the Jewish National-State Basic Law, its sponsor told the press the aim of the law is to “prevent even the slightest thought, let alone attempt, to transform Israel to a country of all of its citizens.” The law strips Palestinians of Israeli citizenship and requires complete displacement of Palestinians from historical Palestine.

Speaking to the Lukid Party, Netenyahu summed up the Israeli position. “Occupation is bull. There are countries that have conquered and replaced entire populations, and the world kept silent. Strength is the key.”

Trump’s “Deal of the Century” is everything Israel wants, but I’ll bet Palestinians will fight.

Paul Bonnifield

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