Paul Bonnifield: Offering hope, justice is American |

Paul Bonnifield: Offering hope, justice is American

From the time the first colonists arrived on the East Coast, America has been the land of opportunity for the oppressed and unlovely. The men and women who dared to think differently or act and do differently came to the New World.

The American Revolution was fought under the banner of equality for everyone. The assurances of the Constitution and Bill of Rights offers hope to everyone in the world.

Over the past 35 years, the U.S. built a high fence and placed security cameras along and over the fence. Thousands of men and women patrol the fence. Border security reaches deep in foreign nations. All national law enforcement agencies play a role in protecting the nation. Satellites watch the border.  

Recently desperate men, women and children seeking the same thing millions have sought since Colonial times were stopped and labeled dangerous, evil people. Fearing desperate people, the President tells us we are about to be invaded. The nation faces a crisis — a crisis caused by people seeking what every Americans wants — individual freedom and hope.

Offering hope, justice and opportunity is not a crisis; it is American.

But of course, the sale of millions of tons of American-made steel to build the wall will make an excellent campaign issue when Trump runs in 2020. Trump’s wall has more than one purpose.

Thank you.

Paul Bonnifield


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