Paul Bonnifield: I stand upon my premise |

Paul Bonnifield: I stand upon my premise

I stand by my basic premise in the letter, "Public lands importance."

Quoting from the letter, “Due to its importance, the Steamboat Pilot & Today must insist that each candidate for U. S. Senate, U. S. Representative, State Senate, State Legislature and county commissioner submit an article (600 words) on their position and justification for it. The Today should publish their positions in side-by-side articles. That way the voters will have a clearer understanding of which candidate best represents them . . . The stakes on the future of public land are too high to let the issue simply slip by.”

In the Oct. 4 edition of the Today under the title "Create public land trusts," a writer made a personal attack on my character and motive before presenting his reasons for advocating public land trusts. He did not address my basic premise. I firmly believe that voters want solid information on important issues before they vote.

Thank you,

Paul Bonnifield

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