Patrick Curran: Call for more balance |

Patrick Curran: Call for more balance

Let me begin by saying I think Steamboat Today is a gem — great local coverage, great investigative journalism (easement on Iron Horse, etc.), great photography, great sports coverage. Congratulations.

Now then, I don't pretend to understand the newspaper industry, but from what I've read in Steamboat Today for the last three or four months, your editorial coverage comes from the New York Times and the Tribune Content Agency.

From the Times, I've read columns by Frank Bruni, Gail Collins, David Leonhart, Paul Krugman, Nicholas Kristol, Charles Blow, Thomas Friedman, Ross Douthart and David Brooks. Only two of the nine I consider conservative. From the Tribune, I've read editorials by: Clarence Page, Bill Press, Robert Reich, Jules Witcover, Cal Thomas, Jonah Goldberg. Only two of the six I consider conservative.

On average, you run columns about four times a week and two or more are anti-Trump. The prize for slanted coverage goes to your Feb. 9 issue, where in addition to the two columns, you ran one anti-Rex Tillerson cartoon, five anti-Trump articles ('Silencing' gives Boost/Elizabeth Warren, Opponents want protest/Dakota pipeline, Trump administration weighs health insurance, Trump criticism of store/Nordstrom raises questions) and one balanced article (the DeVos confirmation.) Certainly, there are other wire service reports of the same story that are more balanced.

You may disagree with what I call a liberal or conservative writer, but you cannot deny the lack of balanced coverage. Why not run an editorial by Laura Ingram, Ann Coulter, Larry Elder or George Will? Surely, you should not be favoring the Times or Tribune over balanced editorial coverage.

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On the personal side, I am a Vietnam vet and worked as an organizational consultant for 30 years in over forty countries. I have seen some of the best and some of the worst political systems. By comparison, the United States, with all its flaws, has a remarkable system.

Am I troubled by some of what Trump does and says? Oh yes. Do I agree with all of his policies? No. That, I believe is how democracy works in America. Give our new president a chance.

Patrick Curran

Steamboat Springs and Atlanta, Georgia