Patrick Arnone: Numbers game |

Patrick Arnone: Numbers game

Now, now Mr. Walter Scott.

I guess the first question that comes to mind after reading “Stick to the Facts” is, are you a statistician? You seem to be very adept at twisting some of the facts to meet your desired outcome.

The pilots of this community and the businesses that prosper from the Steamboat Springs Airport first protested the Alternative Use Study because of the fact that the airport commission had just done that. But after some discussion we came to the realization that there is so much misinformation, such as your letter, and the city being unable to sort through the accounting and stereotypes about the people using and benefiting from the airport, that we agreed that the study would be a good way to bring out the real facts about the situation.

Another disturbing issue I have with your letter is that you quote the Airport Compliance Handbook and do not comprehend a few of the very important words you quoted. First the word “could” – as in “maybe” in this context – and secondly overlooked is the word “eligible” – as in “not guaranteed.” Are you suggesting that the taxpayers blunder into this on a “not guaranteed maybe?”

I also find it very disturbing that you would assume that taxpayers are subsidizing the airport. By your own admission, you do not know the real numbers nor do the rest of us. So the answer to you question is “Are the taxpayers subsidizing the airport?”

I do believe there is one point we agree on and that is that we need to see all of the real numbers on the airport laid out without the manipulation of the City Council.

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