Patrick Arnone: Biased coverage? |

Patrick Arnone: Biased coverage?

Are you kidding?

I am absolutely amazed at the Steamboat Pilot & Today’s one-sided, misinformed, blatantly biased coverage of the Rainbow invasion. It is so bad that it’s hard to pick a place to start.

First, these people are destroying our forest, polluting our water system, stealing from our community, costing the community large amounts of money, costing the federal government ridiculous amounts of money and costing our hospital.

Second, they are all breaking the law. Many use the system to get Food Stamp Cards and turn around and defy the same system by not applying for permits. On this line, I would like to address one of the Letters to the Editor on Wednesday, July 5.

The local lady that wrote in publicly admitted to breaking the law and signed her name. She joined an illegal gathering and then tried to convince us, as the paper did, that these are good people. Let’s not forget that 100-plus of these peaceful folks forcefully overran two federal and one local law enforcement officers that were just trying to do their jobs. All the paper could print was that one had a gun pointed at them, when in fact, some of them should have been beaten and/or tear-gassed.

Third, how did the paper manage to take a picture of the “Prayer Circle” without capturing any of the large percentage of the Rainbow People I have seen who are unsanitary. Law enforcement has had to deal with lice, crabs, mites and who knows what else on some of the people they have arrested. Let’s contact Yampa Valley Medical Center and inquire about a few things like diseases, non-payment, begging for medical supplies and who knows what else I don’t want to think about.

As far as the other Letter to the Editor, thanks for helping me prove my point. These people are not victims, they chose to not work, to travel in broken vehicles and expect the kind people of the world to take care of them.

I am challenging the Steamboat Pilot & Today to do some actual reporter research and find us an estimate on the cost of having the wonderful world of Rainbow visit our community.

Patrick Arnone

Steamboat Springs

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