Papadosio settles in Steamboat for 2 nights this weekend |

Papadosio settles in Steamboat for 2 nights this weekend

Papadosio — with Billy Brouse, Mike Healy, Sam Brouse, Rob McConnell and Anthony Thogmartin — will be bringing its electronic show back to Steamboat Springs with shows at Old Town Pub. (Courtesy photo)

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — The trendsetting band Papadosio has made its mark on the musical landscape of progressive rock.

The Ohio natives have toured the country over the last decade with their genre-defying improvisation and instrumentation to build a base of dedicated fans. The group is known for creating electronic music by playing live instruments.

The five-member group — featuring Billy Brouse, Mike Healy, Sam Brouse, Rob McConnell and Anthony Thogmartin — will be bringing its show back to Steamboat Springs after an eight-year hiatus with a two-show run at 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday at Old Town Pub.

Earlier this week, Explore Steamboat caught up with Brouse, who plays keys and provides vocals, and Thogmartin, who also sings and plays guitar and synth, about their newest album “Content Coma,” touring and the power of technology.

If you go

What: Papadosio
When: 9 p.m. Friday, Jan. 25 and Saturday, Jan. 26
Where: Old Town Pub, 600 Lincoln Ave. 

Explore Steamboat: Can you remember the moment or person who inspired you to become a musician? Does that person/memory stick with you even today?

Billy Brouse: There isn’t really a moment where I decided I wanted to play music. It just kind of happened. It felt very natural I guess, so I just kept going with it.

ES: How has your overall sound/outlook on your music changed over the years?

BB: Our sound has become much more intricate over the years. It’s gone way out into space and come back, but it also has a signature sound that just happens. I can’t really explain it. I like it that way.

ES: How do you balance your sound without crossing the line into music that’s been heard before?

BB: The way we have been making music over the years has yielded some very original things, but it’s impossible to be 100-percent original all the time. No matter what you do, it’ll sound like something else to someone, so I just let that happen. I know what I write is original. If it’s a rip-off, I didn’t mean to do it, and I hope it’s flattering.

ES: How would you describe your band, and what makes your band different from others?

Anthony Thogmartin: We were all raised on progressive music — like Yes, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, King Crimson, Hendrix, Zeppelin — and then, we began to seek it out ourselves. Bands like NIN, Radiohead, Tool and electronic artists like Aphex Twin, Massive Attack, Lemon Jelly, Boards of Canada — you could say our music is a mixture of all that stuff into a hearty soup.

ES: Looking over all that you’ve done, is there one thing that stands out to you as a proudest achievement?

AT: I think the thing I’m most proud of is how long we have been able to stay together and continue to create music for a fan base that’s loving and fun to be around.

ES: What can the audience expect for the upcoming performance?

AT: Variety, as we never really chose a specific genre to play. We just kind of write music based on what is in our heads. We tend to improvise a lot in our live show with longer songs. And, we have a light show that is pretty wild.

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