Pam Pierce: We have a problem — climate change |

Pam Pierce: We have a problem — climate change

Who does Houston call when it "has a problem"? Another "500-year flood" has hit Texas, the second in two years.

Up in the Northwest we have Seattle, Portland, Missoula and cities up into Canada with the opposite problem — record heat and burning forests. I could barely see the Tetons through super-hazy sky during my Eclipse trip last week. Weather extremes are the "new normal."

Here in our lovely part of the world we aren't subject to these kinds of extremes. Our weather takes a little more time to make itself known.

Instead, we get unpredictable winters with a ski season that may see a whole month without snow — #LosingMarch? We'll never have sea levels lapping at our city's edge but our river will run warmer and dryer. Our food producers will have less and less water available as water tables lower. Weeds will take over where grasses and wildflowers once flourished. Our favorite wild creatures will struggle to survive the changing climate.

Have I lost you yet?

The point I hope to make here is that the direness of the situation calls for action … now. In our own lives and daily habits and choices (excuse me but why in the H-E-double- toothpicks am I still seeing Hummers driving around this town? Why do people leave their travel pods running so much and getting zero mpg???) Thanks for hearing me out.

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Our community, Steamboat Springs also has an opportunity to do the right thing. For some reason it has not yet joined Governor Hickenlooper's lead and other resort towns in Colorado to become a "Climate-Action City."

I hope we will see this happen soon. What is stopping us?

Pam Pierce

Steamboat Springs