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Our View: Mandatory gun ownership is un-American

If a city ordinance requiring gun ownership sounds ridiculous, that's because it is. Nevertheless, a small contingent of Craig residents appears poised to try to make its community the second Colorado town to enact such a law this year.

The proposal, spearheaded by Craig Rummel, follows on the heels of a similar ordinance recently passed in the tiny town of Nucla, about 50 miles south of Grand Junction. Nucla's new town law requires heads of households to own a firearm, although the ordinance provides plenty of outs for those who have no desire to own a gun, or who perhaps more appropriately recognize the hypocrisy of such a law.

While Nucla's law already is in effect, Rummel and a committee of like-minded Craig residents are still fine-tuning the wording of their proposal. Rummel first presented his idea to the Craig City Council in late April, when it received lukewarm reaction from elected officials.

After meeting with his committee late last week, Rummel told the Craig Daily Press that the intent of the proposal is to send a message to the Colorado General Assembly that Western Slope communities like Craig don't appreciate the passage of recent gun control measures. Committee member Kent Nelson added that folks should have firearms to protect their community as well as their Second Amendment rights.

Here's the rub: Requiring Americans to own guns is as un-American as government seizing people's firearms. Perhaps the hypocrisy in proposed ordinances such as Rummel's is intentional, but it doesn't make the end product more valuable or even worthy of legitimate consideration by the Craig City Council.

It's just too bad folks like Rummel aren't pursuing more meaningful ways to impact their city.

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Mandatory gun ownership

Our View

A proposed ordinance in Craig is no different than the gun-control extreme it seeks to counteract.