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The scars of Sept. 11

An over-blown movie plot about terrorists hijacking jetliners and crashing them into the World Trade Center towers would be accompanied by stilted dialogue punctuated by some cornball catch phrase spoken by a hero Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford or Wesley Snipes just before that hero pulled off a miraculous, unbelievable feat that saved the day and wrapped everything up nicely and neatly.

But there was no stilted dialogue; only real screams of horror. There was no cornball catch phrase, only words of grief, support and vengeance. And, unfortunately, no miraculous save from the unbelievable events of this week that left thousands dead and millions picking up the pieces of a shattered, naive dream that this just doesn’t happen in the United States.

And there won’t be anything nice or neat about the coming weeks when our country’s leaders decide how, where, when and against whom we shall retaliate.

Area residents may have been divided a week ago over stem cell research, whether Rep. Gary Condit should resign, the spending of Social Security funds, and the myriad of other “hot topics.” But such concerns have been shoved aside in this hour of crisis. Like a family, this country and its communities may have sibling rivalries but we come together now when, as a whole, we feel threatened.

Now that we have come together, what do we do?

The Steamboat Pilot & Today urges residents to get involved in healthy, positive ways to help alleviate the pain and suffering they may feel.

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Some upcoming events include:

n Colorado Mountain College’s Alpine Enrichment program will present “Terrorists, Tragedy and Tolerance” a community symposium at 7:30 p.m. Thursday in the Alpine Campus Gym. The event is free and open to the community.

n A blood drive is scheduled Oct. 2 at the Steamboat Springs Airport. To schedule an appointment, call 879-2081.

n Steamboat Springs Middle School will sponsor a red, white and blue day Monday. For more information, call the school at 879-1058.

The Steamboat Pilot & Today will continue to keep you informed a bout local and national events that may help those in our community and our country move forward with the healing process.