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Opinion: 7 reasons to vote for Bob Rankin

Bob Rankin
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I’m Bob Rankin, your state senator, and I’m running for reelection. I’m asking for your vote and promising to continue to serve you with the same hard work and dedication to principled leadership that I’ve demonstrated in eight years of service to western Colorado.

As an engineering student, Army officer, systems engineer and corporate CEO, I learned that there are no simple solutions to complex problems. Humans in this age of technology and urban centralization have tended to create more complex solutions to problems of governance and then struggle to make them work by adding more complexity.

Early on in my political life, I chose to offer my unique experiences and talents to tackle the most complex problems of government. I soon found myself working on the state’s $34 billion budget and focusing on education reforms and healthcare affordability. The result of that focus and those commitments have turned a part-time legislative job into full-time labor. With your help, I’ll take this level of commitment to the next legislative session. 

Bob Rankin is running for reelection to State Senate, District 8, against Debra Irvine in the Republican primary.
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My philosophy and advice to others, honed by my life experiences and institutional knowledge gained from eight years in the legislature, is that we must work a lot harder. We must work harder to elect competent, capable and thoughtful representatives and senators. We must work harder on every bill and every issue to stop bad laws and amend the details of every bill to protect constituent’s interests and base government on sound principles that have been proven over time. We must work with the majority party.

The state of Colorado is in crisis. We’ve reduced spending for the next fiscal year by 25%. Some of the overspending of the past needed to be eliminated. However, we also cut education and vital services for the truly needy and disabled.

We know from past recessions that it will take years to recover. We’re operating under an emergency disaster order that allows the governor to issue unlimited executive orders that override established law. The legislature has used the crisis to pass new taxation with little direct input or testimony from the public in the Capitol, the people’s house.

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So, as your senator, what can I do? 

  1. I can and will win the general election and keep the Senate District 8 seat. I can muster the resources and campaign to win the general election.
  1. I’ll maintain a steady hand and experience that the Joint Budget Committee needs as we recover from the financial crisis. I’ll be the voice of western Colorado on the budget and every bill. 
  1. I’ve successfully maintained funding for the senior homestead tax exemption and the reinsurance program during the crisis.
  1. I’ll insist that rural schools get the extra funding they need.
  1. I’ll insist on the recovery of the economy instead of new taxes as we counter the recession. The progressive legislature is intent on implanting new taxes to recover school funding and support their priorities. Our forecasters have predicted a 25% decline in revenue. Just a 5% faster recovery would produce more revenue than proposed new taxes.
  1. I’ll work to reduce the cost and improve the accessibility of health care without growing government, cost and bureaucracy. 
  1. I’ll support economic development in rural Colorado and the rebuilding of jobs caused by the loss of the fossil fuel industry in our threatened communities.

My work in the legislature is not done. Please vote for me, support me and communicate with me. Together we will win. For more information visit votebobrankin.com and join me on Facebook.

Bob Rankin currently serves as State Senator for District 8.

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