One Year Yesterday one year old |

One Year Yesterday one year old

Two members of L.A. band play homecoming show

Allison Plean

Two members of the band One Year Yesterday - Nate Lotz and Tyler Johnson - grew up in Steamboat Springs. This pop/rock band is based out of Los Angeles and will perform tonight at the Steamboat Mountain Theater after The Last Call.

Everyone and their mother is in a band in Los Angeles, says Nate Lotz, drummer for One Year Yesterday.

“When you tell people you’re in a band and pursuing it, you’re just another joke,” Lotz said. “I feel like a joke when I say it, but it doesn’t get to me. Everybody’s got something to prove.”

Lotz and lead vocalist and keyboardist Tyler Johnson grew up in Steamboat Springs. They moved to L.A. for college, and they formed One Year Yesterday a year ago.

“I always knew Nate would play for me, even if I started a band that’s terrible. He would show up because he’s reliable like that,” Johnson said. “I thought my music was terrible until enough people told me it’s not.”

The band started to take itself seriously after its first live performance in a coffee shop. The members walked in to find 120 people waiting to hear them.

“It was insane – weirdest thing ever. We sold 150 CDs in five seconds,” Johnson said. “We sounded terrible because it was our first show, but we realized if we take it seriously enough, we can do something with this.”

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Johnson attributes their success to their light pop/rock sound and to

“Fifty people in the first week had our songs on their myspace page,” he said. “We have a sound that is so simple and easy for people to relate to, fall in love with and swallow.”

The band is serious about its future, but Johnson said school still comes first.

“I’m not going to be an idiot and drop out of school to play in coffee shops,” Johnson said. “School right now is like a job.”

One Year Yesterday plans to record a 12-track CD, then go on a self-funded tour.

“We’ve been getting talked to by record labels nonchalantly,” Johnson said. “We don’t think we are one of the best bands out there, but we have the potential of being in John Mayer’s league.”

Regardless of what happens to the band, Lotz and Johnson just want to play for their friends in Steamboat tonight.

“There are people I definitely want to see me play who saw me play in high school,” Johnson said. “Now I’m still doing it, and it’s for real.”

Key points

¤ One Year Yesterday concert

¤ 8 p.m. tonight (The Last Call will open with a performance at 7 p.m.)

¤ Steamboat Mountain Theater in Ski Time Square

¤ $7 in advance; $10 at the door

¤ (866) 707-4648