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On Scene: Living like a tourist

Margaret Hair

— After living in the Yampa Valley for 10 months, you would think it wouldn’t be so hard to get around to the things visitors to Steamboat get done in 10 days.

But just as people in Paris don’t climb (or take the elevator) to the top of the Eiffel Tower every day and people in Washington, D.C., don’t necessarily make a habit of hanging around the Lincoln Memorial, people who live in vacation destinations don’t always frequent the locales that make the place so appealing for outsiders.

It’s too bad, really. At least, I feel that way after spending last weekend doing some of the things visitors do.

For her first visit to Colorado, or anywhere in this part of the country, from the East Coast, I spent a lot of time thinking about where I would take my mother when she came to visit for a few days.

After failing to read the Gondola schedule correctly – though I’m fairly certain now that the schedule was not nearly as confusing as I managed to make it – I was at a little bit of a loss on where to spend two amazingly work-free days in Routt County.

For one of them, I sort of cheated. We went to Silverthorne because I can’t pass up the chance to go to a Target.

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But for the second of those days off, I decided to tackle the simple tourist destinations I hadn’t made it to in three seasons of living here. Or at least, I decided we would go to Fish Creek Falls.

Massive winter snowfall, a chilly spring and a warm Tuesday made the falls an excellent choice. And even though my face got absurdly sunburned from watching the water fall down the rocks for what couldn’t have been more than 20 minutes (read: I am pale), a relatively empty, weekday visit to Fish Creek Falls is one of the best things I’ve done in Steamboat.

I guess sometimes it takes having visitors come to you to fully understand why visitors come to the place you live.

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