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On Scene for Oct. 7

Autumn Phillips

Records for Rivera

The Diego Rivera show, which comes down this week, brought record numbers of people to the Depot Art Center this month. On Monday, curator R.C. Dieckhoff estimated that as many as 700 people had visited the show — an average of 50 people a week.

After the show ends, Dieck-hoff and others working with the Northwest Colorado Mexican Cultural Festival will begin to focus on next year’s large-scale Mexican art show. “What about Frida?” one curator whispered toward the gallery walls.

A night to remember

During Saturday night parties, most of the conversations focused on the earthquake that rattled Steamboat Springs the night before. Mostly, people told “where I was and what I was doing when the big one hit” stories. And mostly, those stories involved people running out into the streets in their underwear to see what was going on. Tee hee.

This may be one of those moments when we will always remember exactly where we were, such as when Reagan was shot, when the Challenger blew up, when Jerry Garcia died or when the planes hit. Or maybe not.

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Beyond the Strip

Certain members of the Four Points staff found themselves in Las Vegas last week trying to find nightlife that didn’t involve slot machines or topless women. First, we discovered the Vegas conspiracy to never allow any tourists off “the Strip” and into the muted colors that lie beyond.

When we gave drivers the names of places such as the Art Bar or the Double Down, we were given surly parental stares, followed by, “Are you sure you want to go there?” or “That’s a pretty bad neighborhood” or “I wouldn’t go in there in a million years. That place freaks me out. Do you know what you’re getting yourselves into?” to name a few.

Of course, what we were “getting ourselves into” was a cool improv blues jam with several local musicians at one place, some smooth tobacco and traditional Turkish hospitality at a hole in the wall houkah lounge and a chance to see some local art without the sound of a chain-smoking grandma winning a pile of quarters.

— Autumn Phillips