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On Scene for Ocr. 21

Thanks for the jump

A great big jumper-cable thank you to the guy who stopped and helped me get my car started Tuesday morning at Seventh and Oak streets. Thanks to you, I made it to work to fill this 4 Points.

Hint, hint

Steamboat Springs gets better every day. The bookstore sells McSweeney’s, the foreign/art house film scene is growing, and All That Jazz just started selling used vinyl. I don’t know how this place could get better. (Unless, of course, someone wanted to open an Irish pub with Sunday afternoon Irish music sessions and $2 Guinness.)

Art in the bar

To the two girls who wore dragonfly wings to the Hard Poor Corn show at Mahogany Ridge Brewery and Grill on Friday night and danced their hearts out: I haven’t seen such good performance art in a long time.

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Props to Hard Poor Corn

Speaking of Hard Poor Corn, thank you for Ryan Chamlin. That boy can play the keys. Chamlin returned to town with a full two-tiered Korg workstation on his right and an old analog Rhodes on his left. He reminded me of John Medeski sitting at the helm of his musical spaceship.

Overall, Hard Poor Corn was exactly what it promised to be — Bill Smith with a different drummer and a new attitude. The set included the usual jams and noodles, but every time my mind started to wander, they pulled me back with something unexpected such as a train song or a Balkan hippy polka.

Art rumors

On Saturday afternoon, the people who worked to bring the Diego Rivera exhibit to town met at the Depot Art Center for some celebratory wine and appetizers. The show brought in almost 1,500 visitors, the largest attendance to any art show in recent Steamboat history.

As people discussed what other art could find its way to Steamboat, photos surfaced of a 26-foot tall inflatable polyester sculpture titled “El Paseante.” The piece was created by Colombian artist Nadin Ospina and is on display at the Denver Botanic Gardens. It might need to stop in Steamboat on its way home. Alas, rumors abound, and I spread many of them.

— Autumn Phillips