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On Scene for April 28

Allison Plean

Double feature

Pinballing between the Old Town Pub and Mahogany Ridge on Saturday night was the only way to enjoy the only two things going on in town. And they were so good that you had to keep going back and forth.

The Unknown Americans (at OTP) were playing feel-good blue-grass music. If you weren’t playing pool in the back or catching up with your friends at a table, you were being spun around on the dance floor. Blue-grass music always generates contagious smiles and some fancy footwork.

Huge in Germany (the ’80s hair tribute band at Mahog) rocked. The dancing crowd was right up against the stage. The head banging was a blur of long wigs and side ponytails.

The excitement of the crowd could be measured by the amount of lighters people held up as if Axl Rose was really giving us a live encore.

The ’80s tribute inspired the comeback of KangaROOS sneakers, ripped jeans, temporary tattoos and jelly bracelets. Or maybe those things just came out of my closet.

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The Poetry Slam felt very much like a shadow boxing match. It was standing room only through three rounds as the poets waiting in the wings thumbed through their spinal notebooks trying to decide which personal poem would ensure victory.

They yelled, whispered and rapped to make their voices heard. And the audience showed its appreciation with clappers, shouts and laughter that validated all private thoughts that once again had a public venue.

Ready or not

If you didn’t get enough post holing in your backcountry skiing adventures this winter, don’t worry — there is still time before all the snow melts on the Fish Creek Falls trail.

My dog was less skeptical than I as he ran up the melting snow, perfectly balanced on four legs. My soaking wet sneakers fell about 3 feet through the snow with every fourth step. But it was beautiful up there.

For the few hikers braving the unstable conditions, we could do nothing but laugh at the predicament and keep going — because it’s springtime, darn it. We’re ready to hike even if we have to ice skate down.

— Allison Plean