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On Scene for April 21

The weekend update

Last weekend felt like the beginning of spring. I had my first bonfire and camping experiences of the season (I slept on a Paco Pad on an upstairs floor while my friends camped outside in the rain — I swear, couldn’t find my tent).

The rainy day was the perfect excuse to get out of town and exercise my credit card. I wasn’t the only one taking a mud-season day trip to Silverthorne on Saturday. It seemed as if everyone from Steamboat was there.

I saw them thumbing through stacks of tank tops and looking in indebted silence at the rows of shiny new flip-flops. The Steamboat residents I saw didn’t talk to one another; we all seemed too concerned with the task at hand: shopping.

New clothes can give you the confidence that you can feel new again. And when you can walk into an Old Navy outlet store full of inexpensive clothes, it starts to feels like spring (even if you know it will continue to snow through June).

Sunday was one of those deceptively perfect days. Kayakers played in D Hole, Little Toots Park was scattered with young families having picnics, and in my neighborhood, everyone was out on a deck. The impossible-to-ignore, beautifully sunny day distracted my spring-cleaning agenda.

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Luckily, I had time to rotate my winter wardrobe onto the floor to make room for the new spring and summer purchases.

Open mic night

I was anxious just sitting in the audience, thinking about how scary it would be to go on stage and sing for a room full of people.

Impressively, no one on stage seemed very nervous, and as usual, I was delighted to see how much talent was up there. A woman with a beautiful voice made our table cease all conversation and stare in awe while she sang Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time.” One man played the drums on a cooler that sounded surprisingly good. Another man did an amazing job covering a Dido song, and another guy serenaded his date (who didn’t seem too excited).

This town is the perfect place to host an open mic night. If you have enough courage to ski off large rocks and ride a mountain bike down from Strawberry Park Hot Springs and past the cliffs of death without using your brakes, then you’re brave enough to strut your stuff on stage.

— Allison Plean