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On Scene for April 14

Allison Plean

There’s no place like home

“Get up! Get up!” was all I could hear under the wreckage of six Wizard of Oz characters as we capsized in our ruby slipper 15 feet into the Cardboard Classic. Panic set in as the Pink Ladies zoomed past us in their cardboard convertible.

Now what?

We peeled ourselves out of the slipper –which should have been a glass slipper because it didn’t perfectly fit six people. The Cowardly Lion, the Munchkin and myself (the Wicked Witch of the West) jumped back in as the craft was redirected with the help of the Tinman, Dorothy and the Scarecrow. But we still didn’t make it to the finish line.

Maybe it was the can of cooking oil from the little boys behind us in line that got us another 10 feet. But the ruby slipper still buckled under the Bud Light adrenalin rush and the shower of icy snowballs.

We carried the rest of our craft to a victory that — like in the characters of the “Wizard of Oz” — was in us all along. Inspired by the cheers and the spirit of the other cardboard classic contestants, we chanted what should be the Steamboat mantra — there’s no place like home.

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P.S. I’m still finding red glitter in everything that I own.

Last day beat

I may have missed a huge chunk of the ski season — from the middle of January through 3 p.m. on the last day — but I made it to Morningside lift before it closed. The last day of the mountain is my favorite holiday besides Halloween because on both days you get to dress up and get crazy.

I was not able to do either Sunday, but I could not wipe a ridiculous smile off my face as I reported about another example of how well people in Steamboat know how to have fun. It is our third job.

The second weekend in April is one of those times when locals can’t help but remember all the millions of reasons we love living in Steamboat. Everyone is celebrating the end of one season and the beginning of the next season of doing the things that we love to do.

We are done with winter and being cold. We no longer have to scrape off our windshields or start our car 10 minutes before we go anywhere. We finally have our town back to ourselves, and soon, we will get to wear our flip-flops again.

— Allison Plean

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