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On Scene

Allison Plean

Michael David (Cupid), from left, Michael Brumbaugh (Donner) and Patty Zimmer (Blitzen) are part of the eight elite reindeers that drive Santa Claus's sleigh and are involved in a sexual harassment scandal.


At one point during the Huge in Germany show on Saturday, I was covered in beer and all I could say was, “Sweet. Rock on” – it just made the show more authentic.

There is a huge void in the live music scene in Steamboat Springs – we have only one visiting band that still covers ’80s hair bands. Everyone at Mahogany was playing an air guitar, flipping their hair or rocking out in some way.

We love it. We need it. And we rocked it all night long.

Reindeer games

I’m not gonna lie. “The Eight: Reindeer Monologues” was much better than I expected. I was really impressed with how well each actor embraced their character and individualized everything from their fake accents to their lockers. Some of the reindeers even taped their fingers together to look like hooves.

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I lost it when Tony Counts, aka “Hollywood,” made some sort of reindeer snort noise when he blew his nose. I couldn’t stop laughing – in a laugh-attack kind of way.

It is unfathomable how Santa Claus has gotten along for so long without being accused of inappropriate things. The play even made fun of the classic Rudolph movie.

Yes, the content of the monologues was shocking, and yes, there were points when I even felt bad about laughing. But you can tell that Jeff Goode, the writer of the play, really spent some time thinking about all the ways he could sabotage the images of these sweet little reindeer. And he relates it to pop culture in a way that really brought it into everyone’s chimney.

If Vixen really went ahead with a sexual harassment suit against Santa – that would mean the end of Christmas for every little boy and girl, forever. Although she took one for the team (the elite team of eight), I wish the play had ended with Vixen standing on her own four hooves and defending the rights of female reindeer everywhere.