Omar. M. Campbell: Vote on 700 |

Omar. M. Campbell: Vote on 700

— In response to the article “Developers want no 700 vote” (Steamboat Today, June 21):

Why, I wonder? Could it be that a recent Question of the Week poll showed that a majority (57 percent) of Routt County respondents favored a public vote on 700 annexation?

I did a small subdivision some 32 years ago. A small adjustment to include a bit of county land was needed to make road grades fit and make the subdivision possible. I would have been scared spitless if faced with the above statistic, when I was pretty sure the growth-oriented City Council of that time was in my pocket. And they were.

Attorneys for the city and Steamboat 700 referred to the overwhelming defeat of the Minturn referendum and seemed to suggest that the same would result at Steamboat. Not so fast. Comparing the economies of Minturn and Steamboat is like comparing dry prune pits to ripe, succulent peaches. The economy of Minturn rests almost totally on its residents commuting to work at the Vail Valley ski areas and towns of Avon, Edwards, etc. We do not need to describe the heated economy of Steamboat to an informed readership.

It is easy to see why the voters of Minturn would seize any opportunity to build an economy. They practically have none.

Steamboat, on the other hand, already has more than its infrastructure can comfortably support. Witness the unsolvable traffic problems, for example.

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Reference is made to the presumptuous sub-heading, “Annexation planners say application will meet public needs.” Are the planners (city or Steamboat 700, or both?) saying, in effect, that they know the mindset and can speak for the masses of us out here? I think not.

The developer has the fast-growth oriented City Council majority in his pocket – and has had it there from the start. In the name of a democratic solution to unrestricted growth in our county, I ask City Council and county commissioners to declare that the people themselves will be the final arbiters.

Omar. M. Campbell

Steamboat Springs

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