Omar M. Campbell: No Bible course

Advocates for a Bible course in the high school will again ask the School Board to add it to the curriculum (Steamboat Today, Jan. 13).

To recap past efforts to intrude religion into the schools:

Evangelists met with students at lunchtime;

Advocates pressed for teaching “intelligent design” to counter and discredit the theory of evolution;

Gideons gave away bibles.

Intelligent design (also called Genesis and creation) holds that the Earth, its plants and animals, and probably the entire universe, were planned out and executed with a snap of the planner’s fingers. This concept is called a “theory” by its believers, which it cannot ever be because there is not one shred of proof. Evolution, on the other hand, is a true theory. The proof is fossil records etched in stone during millions of years.

The United States is somewhere just above Third World countries in educational ranking. We should be focusing on the three ‘Rs’ and science rather than wasting student time on religion. Religion belongs in the home or church — not in public school or government.

School finance takes up the biggest chunk of our property taxes, and we payers deserve to see our money used effectively for the basic education of our children.

The School Board is urged to reject the upcoming request for a Bible class and to discourage all religious intrusion in the future.

Omar M. Campbell

Steamboat Springs

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