Omar M. Campbell: Justice center traffic |

Omar M. Campbell: Justice center traffic

In the March 4 edition of the Steamboat Today, there was another article about the final location of the justice center that announced an organization was forming to lobby for the downtown location.

One important reason, seldom discussed, for not having the center downtown is the existing traffic and parking problem. These city-center/business advocates seem not to be aware, or simply don’t care, that downtown traffic already is at capacity as measured by the State Highway Department.

A bypass is all but impossible at this late date, and there is nothing practical that can be done to relieve the traffic/parking congestion.

Busing is not going to help. Traffic will continue to increase with the growth that the city and county governments seem to welcome. Lincoln Avenue was designed to accommodate U.S. Highway 40 and local traffic when the town’s population was less than 2,000. Uncontrolled growth has multiplied this by a factor of five times and more. In short, we are stuck with downtown congestion, and it can only get worse.

Applaud the county commissioners for their final choice. It is the most economical and efficient they could have chosen.

Give them credit — they jumped through all the hoops (public hearings, voting) before choosing.

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I for one have heard enough bellyaching about the matter.

Omar M. Campbell

Steamboat Springs