Omar M. Campbell: Illegals are a threat |

Omar M. Campbell: Illegals are a threat

Thank you, Alan Matte, for your Letter to the Editor in the Sunday, May 28 Pilot & Today — gleefully titled “Response to Omar” by the editors.

For several months I have been hoping, through such letters as “A Message to Vincente,” to stir up a public discourse on the invasion of our country by illegals (euphemistically called immigrants).

There seems to be a general public apathy to speaking out on the subject. Except for the editor, no one else has responded either pro or con. Scott Stanford’s “Our View” and “Where We Stand” articles (“Time to deal” –he attack on gubernatorial candidate Mark Holtzman’s tough stand on illegals, and his no-pictures-and-no-names-in-the-newspaper policy to protect illegals from recognition) tell us that he is “soft” on them.

So far, yours is the first letter whose general tone seems to support illegals. You are surely entitled to that opinion, but please recognize another person’s opinion that the flood of illegals is a national disaster and a threat to our country’s culture, traditions and sovereignty.

There is an old adage that if another person’s opinion cannot be countered by logic and reason, than the only alternative is character assassination. Reminds one of the story about killing the messenger who bore the wrong message.

You asked: Where does your heritage come from? Briefly: paternal — from Scots who landed in New York about 1750 under British rule; and maternal — from Central Europeans through Ellis Island in the 1880s. Along about four generations back, the lineage picked up Irish and Cherokee Indian.

Turnabout being fair play, what is your heritage? Are you native-born to this country, green-card from another, by marriage, or what?

I get the feeling from your letter that you do not think much of the U.S. quote: “of our so-called great nation.” Then your last statement was that the coffee smells better south of the border. Does that mean you prefer Mexico?

You are right in calling me a white Anglo racist bigot, if that means one who cares about the future of his country and who served in World War II to help assure that folks like you and me have continued freedom and the right and privilege to speak our minds.

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