Omar M. Campbell: Illegal alien crackdown |

Omar M. Campbell: Illegal alien crackdown

A letter to Rep. Tom Tancredo:

I have heard you speak on C-span many times on the illegal alien crisis.

I am in complete agreement, and regard this as an issue that needs to be addressed by Congress at the earliest possible time.

I realize it is a political hot-potato, but it is decades overdue.

I urge you to support a tough bill along the lines advocated by Newt Gingrich in a speech to Young Republicans. Some personal ideas are included in the following:

n Require that all illegal aliens in this country register and be fingerprinted and/or iris-scanned.

n Give them a reasonable time to exit the country. Local communities could be funded to enforce registration and to arrange transportation to the borders. This would be a good use of our tax money.

n Establish a program similar to the one used decades ago for temporary alien farm workers (Braceros), with fingerprinting and iris-scanning to positively identify card holders. Specify on the cards a date by which they are to check back into their native countries.

Like most immigrants, one side of my family came in legally through Ellis Island in the 1880s; the other side came to New York in the 1750s, under British rule. I am passionately against a general amnesty of any kind for the estimated 12 to 20 million illegals who have sneaked into and remain in our country. The old platitude beginning “we are a nation of immigrants” is no longer appropriate. We need to look hard at the cultural mess that European countries are in now because they welcomed foreign workers in droves and then allowed them to establish cultural ghettos and to stay as citizens.

Illegal aliens wishing to immigrate to the U. S. should be required to have work sponsors; to take medical exams and have criminal background checks; etc. To apply for citizenship they would have to take tests on American civics – in English – and meet all standards of our immigration laws.

The atrocious ‘anchor baby’ abuse ‘permitted’ by the 14th Amendment needs to be remedied. It was originally intended to ensure that children of slaves born here were American citizens. It was not the intent that it be interpreted to include the offspring of illegal aliens. The Supreme court needs to rule on its applicability.

You might not know that the Mexican Consul in Denver is pushing a PR program in Colorado – euphemistically called “Amistad”, or “friendship” – to favorably affect public opinion to the presence of illegals.

I know the length of this letter violates the ‘brevity rule’ when writing to one’s Congressperson. The gravity of the issue seems to warrant your perusal of it, however.

I am also writing to Sen. Allard and some other of the Colorado delegation.

Enclosed is a contribution to your presidential campaign. I strongly support your ‘one-item’ campaign issue. You can make the pro-amnesty liberal candidates come clean and publicly discuss their intentions.

Omar M. Campbell

Steamboat Springs

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