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Oh! The places music can take you

Eroica Trio passionately shares their gift all over the world

Allison Plean

The Eroica Trio will perform Strings in the Mountains' Holiday Gala Concert on Wednesday at the Sheraton Steamboat Resort.

— The Eroica Trio faced many challenges early on when they entered the male-dominated field of chamber music.

“Until us there really wasn’t a chamber music group at the top that was not only all woman, but any women at all,” cellist Sara Sant’Ambrogio said. “A lot of doors were sort of slammed in our face just because we were women.”

The difficulty the three women faced in starting their careers helped them evolve into one of the most sought after ensembles in the world.

“When we started out, we played every concert like our lives depended on it because we knew we weren’t going to get a second chance,” Sant’Ambrogio said. “We are extremely passionate, extremely eccentric and extremely alive. We make each concert an event.”

The Eroica Trio will be performing Strings the Mountains’ Holiday Gala Concert on Wednesday at the Sheraton Steamboat Resort. They will be playing a greatest hits program with their new violinist, Susie Park.

Park joined the Trio after Adela Pena left to heal a hand injury and decided not to return. “We played with Susie and just fell in love with her, and there is just such chemistry between us,” Sant’Ambrogio said. “There has to be magic between the three players because they become more like your family, and we spend more time with the Trio then our families.”

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Sant’Ambrogio’s career – which includes winning a Grammy Award – has taken her all over the world.

“I’ve been to a lot of places in famous movies. In Jordan, I got to go to the ancient city of Petra from the ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark,'” she said. “We rode Arabian horses down to it and you just can’t believe you’re seeing this place. It was carved in one piece out of the crest and is 2,000 years old.”

The Trio has performed shows in places like Beijing’s Forbidden City and they have appeared in more than 30 TV shows and magazines.

“Being in photo shoots for magazines is fun because you get to try on beautiful clothes. I wore one $20,000 gown that was unbelievable,” Sant’Ambrogio said. “The amazing part of our lives is we get to see all these amazing places we never would have gone to without playing music.”

Grand Marnier created a cocktail called “The Eroica” in honor of the Trio.

“We’ve had wines named after us as well,” Sant’Ambro-

gio said. “We make jokes that everybody whoever drinks knows who we are.”

The Trio makes every concert a worthwhile endeavor for their audiences because they appreciate the gift of people’s attention.

“We want them to leave feeling like something changed them,” Sant’Ambrogio said. “And give them this sense of beauty they can take with them and lighten their load for a while.”

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