Off-leash rules changing at Butcherknife, Whistler Park |

Off-leash rules changing at Butcherknife, Whistler Park

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — Seasonal summer changes are taking effect in portions of off-leash trail areas including:

• Whistler Park: Now through Oct. 31, the southeast segment of the park, including the sports fields and playground, transition to leash required. The west portion of the dog area also moves to off leash during summer.
• Butcherknife Trail: Starting June 9, school hour leash restrictions are removed. Once school starts in August, leash requirements will go back into effect.

Off-leash areas are clearly signed at entry and exit points with a map. Off-leash hours run from one hour after sunrise to one hour before sunset. Voice and sight control as well as dog waste removal and disposal is required by law.

More information can be found at

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