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Edith Nina Lawton (Brock)

Catherine Singer aka Edith Nina Lawton (Brock)
January 4, 1953 – February 12, 2016

Catherine Singer aka Edith Nina Lawton (Brock) was welcomed into this life by her family, Earl and Nina Brock and sister, Rosa Elaine on January 4, 1953 in Gothenburg, Nebraska. Her father was rural pastor. A few months later, the family moved to Denver, Colorado and from there, after a year or so to Oak Creek, Colorado where Earl accepted a job teaching in the high school. In 1956, a baby brother, John Edward Brock, joined the family.

Edith enjoyed helping the baby sitter take care of her brother, but she liked visiting the school programs where her mother taught, even more. The best one was a puppet show held in a packed gymnasium. As the show started Edith declared "Let those little people off those strings. Get those strings off of those little people!" she cried loudly into a hushed audience. Such was her introduction to her lifelong pursuit of the theater.

Music was also to play a large part in Edith's life. When she first heard a piano played, it brought her to tears. In fact, at the sound of her sister's music lesson she would be convulsed with sobs and find some dark place to hide.

The next five years brought many changes to Edith. The family moved to Craig, Colorado. Earl and Nina were divorced. Nina remarried three years later to Dean Alton Lawton. He wanted the children to use his name.

Upon moving to Craig, Edith Nina Lawton attended the Moffat County Schools. She always did very well in her academic courses; choir, drama and speech being her special areas. Her extracurricular activities included cheerleading, piano lessons and activities with the Rainbow Girls OES. Many times she was called upon to accompany vocal or instrumental groups at school. She was privileged to sing in the 9th Symphony in an all day Beethoven Festival in Denver. In her senior year, she sang the lead role in the production of "The Music Man". Throughout her youth, she enjoyed camping and fishing with her family. Edith Nina Lawton graduated from Moffat County High School in 1971.

After graduation, Edith worked as a secretary in Denver. She starred in many theatrical productions in the city and found many friends and enjoyed laughter with them. In 1991 Edith gave birth to a baby boy she names Brian Allen. She yearned to be a good mother for her son. She read and studied diligently to rear her son and home school him. She changed their names to Catherine and Michael Singer, and moved to California, where she chose to use health foods and natural healing practices. In 2002, Catherine called her mother to come to California to help her with Michael and her care, as she was very ill. She made numerous trips to various therapists. Her mother stayed with them for a year. Shortly thereafter, Catherine closed the door on her relationship with her mother. Her mother didn't hear from or of her for over 13 year5s. An unexpected call from Catherine's son, Michael, came in March of this year. He told his grandmother of his mother's death on February 12th following a long battle with numerous cancers of the lungs and liver.

Catherine Singer aka Edith Nina Lawton (Brock) is survived by Michael Singer, son' Nina Lawton, mother; Rosa Elaine Lawton, sister; John Edward Lawton, brother; (Steve) and Jennene Laurenic, step-sister; (Mike) and Janet Mossburg, step-sister; (Fred) and Terry Opp, adopted sister; and many nieces and nephews.

A memorial service will be held at 1:00 p.m., April 23, 2016 at the Congregational Church, 6th and Green Streets in Craig, Colorado.

Donations go to Craig Boys and Girls Club.