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Robert Nathaniel Steen

Robert Nathaniel Steen died March 29, 2013, in Los Angeles County, Calif. He was 83 years old. Born April 19, 1929, in Brampton, Ontario, to parents Wilfred and Jean, Bob immigrated to the U.S. in 1965 with his wife, Mona, and children, Michael and Susan.
Divorced in 1983, Bob spent the balance of his life focused on what he enjoyed most: traveling, skiing, horseback riding, horse racing and reading American history. His tenacity for his passions were such that at 70, he moved to Steamboat Springs to ski the long winter season and bicycle and to travel through the Northwest in the offseason. Bob is survived by his son Michael Robert; his daughter Susan Mona; and his granddaughters Caroline and Elizabeth Steen.
Bob is gone but will never be forgotten. I am grateful he was my father.
In lieu of flowers, a donation in memory of Robert Steen may be made to the Cambodian Children's Fund.