Noreen Moore: Toward a more perfect union |

Noreen Moore: Toward a more perfect union

The great thinkers that started our country knew that it is about the goals toward a perfect union not the creation of perfection that has merit and accounts for the vagaries of human effort.

We are once again debating the lack of perfection in a plan to annex land on the side of town that we all agreed to was the right and only side of the town to do so. Fear is not an optimal emotion by which to make decisions. Fear is neither elegant nor productive.

Let us not have fear be the platform upon which our decisions are made once again. I hear a lot about the negative side of why the annexation should not go forth but that is a zero-sum game. All systems need new nutrients. To stay still is to keep with what we already know, and it looks like we have a history of being unhappy about what we have.

So why should we stay immobilized with what we find already inadequate New demands just may yield creative solutions and bring fresh air to our thinking and our community. Since when have we fallen into thinking that all new challenges are insurmountable.

With fresh ideas we will keep creating a wonderful community. If we keep saying “no” to new arrivals where do you think that will get us? Please vote “yes” for the annexation and help us move into a more creative space.

Noreen Moore

Steamboat Springs

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