Noreen Moore: More ‘thank-yous’ from Crossan’s opening |

Noreen Moore: More ‘thank-yous’ from Crossan’s opening

During the Crossan’s A & M Market opening in Yampa, I failed to mention two important people who have helped us along the way and continue to do so.

One is Cyd Pougiales from Thira Architecture, who was our original architect when we started the project. Cyd’s support and care for us and the project was key in our ongoing successes.

The other is Nora Phillips. She has been part of the early times when we had to do so much moving and sorting of the items in the building and staging of events. Her thoughtfulness always showed through when she would make pots of soup and stew to keep us going.

She is now the person who will greet you when you visit the Crossan’s M & A Market. She is very knowledgeable and helpful to our visitors who need information and all of the residents who now walk through the threshold.

Stop in and see this amazing building and say hello to Nora.

Thank you,

Noreen Moore


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