Nicki Mills: Elect a mom with true life experience, compassion and common sense |

Nicki Mills: Elect a mom with true life experience, compassion and common sense

My name is Nicki Mills and I want to be your next Representative for House District 26.

We are blessed to live in one of the most beautiful places in America. With my life experiences, I believe that I truly represent the people of our district. You deserve a voice that understands the needs of your families and businesses.

Nicki Mills

I have always understood the value of community service, and I am dedicated to serving others. I am a giver, like my grandmother, who started a food bank, and my father, who was a volunteer fire chief. I am the oldest of six children and worked from the time I was a little girl, developing into a hard worker and leader at a young age.

As your state representative, I will use my wisdom, experience and common sense to look at the issues through your eyes and do what is best for the Western Slope and our rural communities. My allegiance is to the people and businesses of Routt and Eagle counties. I am a mom, a business owner, a Christian, an outdoorsman, and a regular person — not a career politician — who cares deeply about my friends and neighbors. I am not beholden to party lines. I have lifelong Democrats and Republicans and unaffiliated supporters who are helping me with my campaign. I can and will build bridges across the aisle and work as a moderate to mediate solutions to our ongoing problems.

God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason.

I am a great listener and will rely on your input for decision making. That is why the relationships I have with you will continue to be my greatest assets. I have no affiliation with special-interest groups. Thanks to you, my constituents, 81 percent of my campaign funding came from in-district citizens. I do not have conflicts that prevent me from voting on bills. I will show up to vote every time.

I am running because I am tired of attending my friends’ going away parties and funerals. Too many of our friends are forced to leave because they can’t afford to live here. We are all tired of losing friends to mental health and substance abuse. We must focus on all aspects of mental health and substance abuse. We must do better.

Unfortunately, many of our friends and neighbors are struggling and are forced to leave the valley because they can’t afford health care. We are seeing incomes not keeping pace with the cost of living, paychecks not rising, unattainable housing as well as increased threats to public safety. It is time for change. No more politics as usual. We need new leaders to address the challenges of Eagle and Routt counties. There are enough fancy speaking lawyers and career politicians.

No more.

In addition to the major challenges facing our district, I am also committed to protecting our water, advancing rural economic development, transportation, and preserving our environment and landscapes.

My commitment to you: If legislation reduces bureaucracy and obstacles for businesses, lowers health care costs, improves public safety, I’m for it. We must keep taxes low, as well.

Our friends and families deserve leaders who work tirelessly to make lives better, not those who increase regulation, government, taxes, unnecessary spending. The solution is better, smarter government — that starts with new leaders. We can do better. Join me in keeping the people you love safe and close.

It’s time to elect a mom with true life experience, compassion and common sense.

I look forward to your vote.

Nicki Mills

Colorado House District 26 Republican candidate

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