Nick Metzler: Good investment |

Nick Metzler: Good investment

Would you like to make a good real estate investment that benefits you and your community? If yes, then I would invite you to learn more about the Routt County Ranchlands and Natural Areas Initiative (Referendum 1A).

If you own property in Routt County, this initiative is a good investment for you. Consider that one of this county’s most defining characteristics is the wide open spaces which creates a quality difference between here and so many other mountain resort communities. Most of these scenic areas that we residents sometimes take for granted are privately owned properties.

Voting “Yes” on 1A gives the voters of this community a proactive role in protecting some of these scenic corridors and working landscapes. I would venture to guess that one of the top three reasons you first fell in love with Routt County, or why you prefer to live here today, is because you value wide open spaces and working landscapes. This initiative has protected more than 7,400 acres of land from future development during the past nine years.

Passing Referendum 1A this November will ensure we, as a community, continue to protect land in from development into the next two decades. It also will give larger landowners an additional option rather than selling out or developing — a “win-win” proposition. Would you invest a little to gain a lot? Please join me in supporting the Routt County Ranchlands and Natural Areas program.

Nick Metzler

Steamboat Springs